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SunnetData in US in 2010, SunnetData is the world's leading expert in all-media big data smart business intelligence solutions. Based on 10 years of collecting massive media data, cutting-edge AI development and scientific analysis model, SunnetData provides innovative products and solutions to more than 100k customers around the world.

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Predict who is likely to convert for more relevant communications

predictive analytics model uses past behaviors to surface which users are likely (or unlikely) to perform an action. Target potential converters or at-risk users with timely messages and special offers, to increase conversions.


React quickly when KPIs change out of the blue

Get notified immediately when important metrics spike or dip unexpectedly, along with the users causing the change, so you can take action right away.


Know which user segments are causing changes in your metrics

Automatically surface interesting segments of users, like male iPhone users in Canada who retain less (or more) than others. Quickly make changes to identify and fix what’s causing the change, or take advantage and acquire more users from the same segment.

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  • All analytics features including Flows
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  • 1,000 monthly tracked users
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$ 99 /Mo

  • Everythin in basic plan
  • Plans up to 25,000 monthly
  • 12-month data history
  • Run 10 predictions at once
  • Automatic Backup

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$ 10000 /Mo

  • Everythin in Personal Plan
  • Customizable data history
  • Single sign-on
  • Roles and permissions
  • Group / B2B Analytics

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